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A Message from CNO and Mrs. Gilday on Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Mike Gilday and Mrs. Linda Gilday thank all military spouses on Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

Shipmates, my wife, Linda, and I wanted to take a moment to say thanks to all military spouses on Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

Let’s take time together to applaud the service, dedication and support of military spouses, and recognize spouses for the daily sacrifices and challenges they overcome, especially now during the Coronavirus.

For the past 25 years, Linda has been a constant source of strength. Despite moving around the world, she has maintained a successful career in both the public and the private sectors, supported me every step of the way, and she’s been an incredible anchor for our family.

Like countless military families around the world, the love, resourcefulness, and support from spouses make a career of naval service worthwhile.

For all the responsibilities military spouses carry, both seen and unseen, a heartfelt thank you. We could not do it without you. We’ll see you in the fleet! poyrazdogany