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Are you a U.S. Military Veteran or Military Spouse looking for free job search coaching, or an employer who wants to improve your access to qualified Veterans or their Spouses?

You may have been directed here after subscribing to Gunny’s Job Board updates.  If that’s the case, the next logical step in your job search coaching, is to get an appointment booked with Gunny McGown right now.  Trust me – waiting, could cost you money you don’t necessarily have.

I’ve just made some major changes to my scheduling system to improve my systems and make it easier for my clients to understand my methods. If you haven’t been here in a while, I would encourage you to take a look at the updates by clicking on either the Veteran and Spouse or Employer of Agency links below.

Please note, all initial appointments for job search coaching are done by teleconference despite the type of service you request. When you visit the scheduling page, you can read more reviews from other Veterans; just like you!

To prepare for the coaching session:

– Be sure to enter accurate and complete contact details (including a cell number) when you register as a user.
You and I will receive e-mailed reminders of the upcoming appointment.

At the time of your scheduled appointment, Gunny McGown will call you as close to the scheduled time as possible.

– It is best if you can send a resume to me in editable MS Word format before the consultation

– Be in front of a computer with internet access in a space that is free from major distractions whenever possible

– Have a note pad and something to take notes

What I’m not!

– I am not your personal job finder. I wish I could perform those services for free, but with the volume of veterans I coach, I simply can’t do that. However,  I will fill your tool box with many tools, and as much motivation and drive to help you get through your job search as possible, and it won’t cost you any of your hard earned cash. Over the years, I have developed many contacts who wish to hire Veterans. If you follow my tips and advice – over time – you will see results, but you alone, are responsible for your success!

If you represent an employer
, you should use this same website to schedule a consultation. A short list of available services can be found here. We’ll tailor a plan to meet your needs and your budget in strict confidence.

During the appointment scheduling process, you will create an account.  Please be sure to enter your true, complete mailing address, e-mail address and cell phone.  You will receive reminders via the e-mail address you provide, and possibly text messages from Gunny McGown.

Please add these e-mail addresses to your contact list to improve our communications: