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Thank you for visiting Gunny’s Job Board!

Gunny’s Job Board was built as a way to launch jobs out to a large network of Veterans and Military Spouse groups through social media such as Facebook™, Twitter™, LinkedIn™, and others.

Below you will see jobs on Gunny’s Job Board primarily from two sources. Those are jobs that GunnyRet Consulting has developed through marketing/sales efforts, and those that are back-filled by

Employers posting jobs at GunnyRet Consulting have agreed to provide us with feedback on each candidate who applies. Each candidate agrees to hold harmless the employer and GunnyRet Consulting, LLC, for the feedback received (or not received). There may be circumstances beyond the control of the employer, or GunnyRet Consulting, that may make it impossible to provide any feedback.

Employers must also agree to abide from Equal Employment Opportunity regulations. By posting jobs on this site, it is understood that the employers are solely responsible for their actions with respect to following local, state, and federal employment laws.

If you are a job seeker, and need assistance in your job search, or you need help prior to applying for any jobs – appearing anywhere, please refer to this link to schedule a conference. You’ll get *free help!

If you are an employer, please reach out about pricing, [email protected].

You may also review plans here for posting jobs.

*Free help is offered to Ohioans, Members of AMVETS, and the American Legion, and active duty or drilling national guard or reserve personnel under the pay grade of E-7. Everyone else is asked to make a donation to help me offset the cost of overhead and, quite frankly my time. If you are a military spouse, or widow/widower, there is no cost for my service. It’s the least I can do for your own personal sacrifices for allowing those in uniform to serve.