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Marines, Are you making this mistake on LinkedIn?


Are you making this mistake on LinkedIn?

You may not be aware, but when you are adding your work experience to your LinkedIn profile as it relates to our beloved Corps, you have a couple of options.

You should select “US Marine Corps” as your primary employer. But, if you are working in a Marine Corps Recruiting command, you should list “Marine Corps Recruiting” as a work assignment.

There appears to be an overwhelming majority of Marines who are simply keystroking “Marine Corps”, when they are adding the Corps as a work experience, and they select the first option that appears. The image above, (taken from LinkedIn) refers.

I suspect some of you have it wrong because the depicted stats are rather telling.

If you’re not a recruiter, or working in a recruiting command, you should probably edit your profile to reflect the correct employer. See image above for both categories. We Marines, pride ourselves on doing things right. I wonder how the numbers will change in the image above over the next week.
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Semper Fi, Brothers and Sisters!