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“The Unsung Heroes of the Warrior Games”

As the 2019 Department of Defense (DoD) Warrior Games started June 21, athletes have been testing their strengths and endurance. A total of 40 Sailors and Coast Guardsmen, who advanced to the DoD level in March as part of the Navy Wounded Warrior–Safe Harbor program, are in the Team Navy.

Behind the scenes, another test takes place; it’s about family, love, care and commitment. The ones who stick together are “The Unsung Heroes of the Warrior Games.”


The Warrior Games not only bring the best warriors together to compete; the games also provide support services and resources for their families.

The Warrior Games will conclude June 30 with a closing ceremony.

For the latest news about the DoD Warrior Games, visit where you can watch games live, and follow the Team Navy on Navy Wounded Warrior–Safe Harbor’s Facebook page.

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