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The Navy’s Enlisted Rating Modernization Implementation Plan

From Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs

Today, the Navy released an Enlisted Rating Modernization timeline to help Sailors understand the way the Navy is gradually implementing this transformation.

A graphic depicting a timeline for the rating modernization

A working group, comprised of members throughout the Fleet including senior enlisted Sailors from USFF, PACFLT, CNE/CNA, CNP, and MCPON offices among others, has been formed to identify and propose modifications to personnel policies, management programs and information technology systems that will require changes. Some of what they will look at includes, but is not limited to, recruiting, detailing, advancements, training, and personnel and pay processes. The Navy’s working group on this project will be significantly expanded in the coming months to ensure you have a voice.

You may also provide comments directly by emailing them to: [email protected].

We are committed to ensuring we have a deliberate process that will enable changes to occur seamlessly and transparently to the Fleet, and this will be accomplished in six phases over the next few years. These phases, which have begun are running in parallel over two to three years, include: redefining career fields; reviewing, revising and aligning business processes; updating policies and instructions; identifying and effecting IT solutions; updating uniform insignias and continued integration of Sailor 2025 initiatives.

While we have a good path forward, it will take several years to make all the changes to policies and IT systems that currently rely on rating titles and support the way the Navy does business today. Changes to rating insignia on uniforms, for example, will not happen until after much of the earlier foundational work has been accomplished. We are in the beginning stages of a long term effort and there will be plenty of discussion on these issues ahead of any decisions.

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