Featured Ads

What is a Featured Ad?

Unless marked as a CONFIDENTIAL (listings with no logo), a Featured Ad is from an employer who has signed an agreement with GunnyRet Consulting, LLC to provide feedback to the Veterans or Military Spouse-applicants throughout the course of the application process as it pertains to the listings on this website.

How does this work?

1. Company signs an agreement in their contract, and will be separately invoiced an additional $25.00 per ad for up to 90 days. 

2. The job seekers must sign a waiver to accept the feedback as constructive and educational feedback and holds the advertised employer and GunnyRet Consulting, LLC harmless from any legal proceedings.

3. The applicant informs GunnyRet Consulting of each completed application that was initiated through the featured ad. GunnyRet Consulting reaches out to the company’s designated representative to attempt to get feedback. If no application feedback is received within 3 business days, excluding holidays, the ad is pulled, no refund is given, and the company is sanctioned until they comply with the agreement they signed with meaningful and useful feedback.

4. The company’s ad is then highlighted with a yellow background as shown in the example ad.

5. If you’re a Veteran or Military Spouse, and would like to participate in this program with Featured Employers, contact me today by completing a job seeker profile at www.gunnyret.com/submit-resume/ 

I’ll get you the waiver and when you complete a job application with a FEATURED Employer, we’ll get to work for you at NO COST to the Veteran or Military Spouse!

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